You are currently viewing Graduation Ceremony for 56th and 57th Grade students at Quang Binh University

Graduation Ceremony for 56th and 57th Grade students at Quang Binh University

On August 7th, 2018, Quang Binh University hold the graduation ceremony an d awarded the diploma to the 56th and 57th college students. Attending the ceremony, there are the representatives of the leaders of related departments, the Boards of Administrators, heads and deputy heads of units, parents and nearly 1000 graduates.

Delivering the speech at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Duong Hung – the Rector praises the hard work of the new graduates – engineers, including 25 Laos students. The Rectorl expects that after graduation, student will be able to bring the knowledge they have learned in school and, more importantly, to successfully apply into practice, so that students can cultivate and enrich the personal experience,  knowledge to make great contribution to the country. The students’ success in life will contribute to the reputation of the University of Quang Binh with a history of 60 years of construction and development.

Student Le Thi Diem Phuong – the valedictorian of Law Faculty students expresses gratitude and promise to bring the knowledge learned, creatively applied to life and working place so as to fully meet the expectation of the teacher, the merit of the parents, in order to deserve to be worthy students of Quang Binh University.

Report on training results, Dr. Hoang Van Dung – the vice head of  Training Division emphasizes: After 3 – 4 years of study and training, the students have completed the course, with high graduation results: 901/988 students are recognized the completion with graduated rate more than 91%, of which almost 2% were excellent, 29% were good, 64% were fairly good and 5% were medium. Specifically, formal secondary school graduates have 226 students in seven disciplines; there are 675 undergraduates from 16 disciplines. Particularly, this graduation course has 25 students from Laos, studying at the University of Quang Binh.

On this occasion, the Headmaster of the University awarded certificates of merit and awards to 20 graduates of the sector; to reward students who have made outstanding achievements in scientific research and cultural and art movements and physical training and sports during their studies and training at schools.

At the ceremony, the representatives from OPPO Quang Binh give6 scholarships for the students who had gained academic and training achievements. At the same time, there are 14 companies, enterprises inside and outside the province held job counseling and recruitment staff at the school, has created opportunities for the new engineers, bachelors of the University of employment there soon after graduating.