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The meeting of Quang Binh University and US Embassy – The Closing Ceremony of English Access

On December 30th , 2020, Quang Binh University (QBU) welcomed and worked with the delegation of the US Embassy in Hanoi. In the morning: Introduction to the US scholarship program; in the afternoon: Closing Ceremony of Access English Program sponsored by the US Embassy. The visit and working session ended successfully, contributing to building the cooperation relationship between the University and the US Embassy in Ha Hoi.

Attending the closing ceremony were Mr. Jerrold Frank – Director of Regional English Office, and the delegation from Culture and Information Office, the US Embassy in Hanoi. On the side of QBU, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Vuong, Vice Rector of the university, lecturers of the Department of Science and Cooperation, Lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages, lecturers and students of Access English class and the students of courses 60, 61, and 62.

The cooperative relationship between QBU and the US Embassy has been built up and developed well over the years. QBU has received a lot of support from the Embassy in its training and scientific research activities, especially in English language teaching. In today’s globally connected world, English is an important international language that students need to learn. Therefore, with the support of 02 tutors and 02 English experts over the past years, the Access English Scholarship program is truly a great and valuable opportunity for QBU lecturers and students.

During the English Access program, not only QBU students have the opportunity to improve their English communication skills, learn about US culture, history, and geography, but also the teachers have the opportunity to improve teaching methods, improve professional qualifications. The end of the English program of Access is considered the first success that the University’s faculty and students achieved with the support of the American Embassy friends.

On behalf of the School Board of Directors, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Vuong expressed his sincere thanks to the representative of the US Embassy for such great support. Hopefully, in the near future, the QBU will continue to have cooperation activities with the US Embassy, ​​receive more teaching assistants and experts, and organize new Access programs for year students.

The representative of the US Embassy, ​​Mr. Jerrold Frank also expressed his gratitude to the university, Access teachers and students for their efforts and great contributions to the cooperation between the two sides. Hopefully, the relationship between the University and the US Embassy is developing more and more.